Manchu - English archery terms

By Peter Dekker, July 27, 2013

Based on a list sent to me by my friend Philip Tom, connoisseur and restorer of antique arms and armour. It was in turn based on an early edition of Jerry Norman's Manchu-English lexicon. Abbreviated as "Norman" under source below, as I intend to add terms from other sources in the future.

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Manchu script generated by A wonderful little website and a great help in my study of Manchu.

Möllendorf Manchu English Source
Aigan Archery target Norman
Aldaku The wall behind the archery target Norman
Beri Bow Norman
Beri arambi Imperial bowyer's workshop Norman
Beri cambi To draw a bow Norman
Beri cira A taut bow Norman
Beri dobton Bow case Norman
Beri faksi Bow maker Norman
Beri fitheku Crossbow Norman
Beri giru Bow limb Norman
Beri ja A light draw-weight bow Norman
Beri jafaku Bow grip Norman
Beri tabumbi to draw a bow Norman
Beri uhuken A weak bow Norman
Behingge cooha Archers Norman
Bokson The bow ear Norman
Buha uihe beri A bow made with the horn of a wild buffalo Norman
Cu niru Fire arrow Norman
Darašambi To stretch a bow fully taut Norman
Dashūwan Bow case Norman
Dashūwan i muheren Ring on a bow case Norman
Dolbi niru Arrow smaller than a keifu Norman
Doroi yoro A type of ceremonial arrow Norman
Dulimba sele Metal clasp in center of bow case Norman
Dzun hūwa majan Long slender arrow Norman
Fergetun Archer's thumb ring Norman
Fitheku beri Crossbow Norman
Fiyen Fletching Norman
Ganada Arrow with a duckbill-shaped point Norman
Garma Arrow with four points for shooting small game Norman
Goro aigan gebtara kaciban Arrow for long range target shooting Norman
Guye sele Ornamental iron cover on quiver or bow case Norman
Halbaha Arrow with a duckbill-shaped point Norman
Hente niru Arrow with forked head Norman
Indan Headless arrow Norman
Jan Whistling arrow with perforated bone head Norman
Jangga niru Whistling arrow with perforated bone head Norman
Jebele Quiver Norman
Jekde moo Pear-like tree with dark reddish brown bark used for decorative purposes. Norman
Jeke beri Bow on which the horn lmella does not reach to the string notches Norman
Jeseri Arrow with a bone head used for hunting birds Norman
Jorho A pointed arrowhead with holes on each side Norman
Jorho fodoho Salix gracilistyla - A type of willow from which arrow shafts were made Norman
Joro Horn-tipped arrow Norman
Kacilan Arrow used for target practice Norman
Kalbikū Slender arrow with a small head for flight shooting Norman
Karkalan Bark of wild peach tree, used where arrowhead is attached to the shaft Norman
Keifu Arrow for large game, especially tiger Norman
Kiyokan Small pointed knife used by arrowmaker Norman
Kuilelu Mold or last for maintaining the shape of quivers, boots, hats, etc. Norman
Kuyerhen Knot on a bowstring Norman
Luhu Stunning arrow with no head, or pestle-shaped head, for shooting birds Norman
Majan Long arrow with elongated head used in warfare Norman
Meiren Sides of the bow grip Norman
Monggo yoro (Mongol) arrow with square perforated birchwood head for shooting hare on rocky terrain Norman
Muheliyen jan Round-headed whistling arrow with three holes Norman
Nama sirdan Military arrow with spear-like head Norman
Nimaha gabtan šaka Arrow with five-pronged head used for fishing Norman
Niru Large arrow for war and hunting Norman
Niru belhere ba Imperial arrow workshop Norman
Niru faski Arrowmaker Norman
Nisuri Device attached to the grip of a bow for a smoother release Norman
Niyamniyan Arrow used in mounted archery Norman
Nu beri Crossbow Norman
Oki yoro Large wooden arrowhead Norman
Okto niru Poisoned arrow Norman
Onco umiyesun Leather belt from which the quiver is suspended Norman
Orgi Sharp edges of the arrowhead Norman
Pokita Perforated bone arrowhead Norman
Sacikū sirdan Arrow with flat (chisel-like) head Norman
Sara Seven iron pieces afficed to the bow case or quiver Norman
Sele garma Arrow with iron head surrounded by four barbs, for shooting pheasant and hare Norman
Sikū Leather of felt arrow-spacers in a quiver Norman
Sirdan Military arrow with double-edged point Norman
Sisi jan Arrow with hazelnut-shaped head of horn with three holes, for hunting Norman
Sisi niru Similar to preceding entry but iron-headed Norman
Solon jan Arrow with narrow steel head for warfare or thick-skinned game such as bear or boar
Solon refers to the Solon tribe of Northern Manchuria
Solon majan Similar to preceding, but longer Norman
Soncoho String bridges on a bow (Cf. tebke Norman
Surbejen Edge of arrowhead or knife Norman
Šajilan i sirdan Birchwood arrow Norman
Šulihun Arrow with pentagonal bone or horn head with five holes Norman
Tanggiku Bamboo frame for preserving shape of relaxed bow Norman
Tanggiku i bukdambi To bend a bow using such a device Norman
Tanggilakū Crossbow Norman
Tasha gabtara niru Arrow with short iron head for shooting recumbent tigers Norman
Tasha gabtara selmin niru Crossbow bolt with long iron head Norman
Tasha gabtara yoro Arrow with four-holed birchwood head used for rousing snoozing tigers Norman
Tatame niru Arrow with short roundish head for hunting Norman
Tebke String bridges of a bow (Cf. soncoho Norman
Teksin jan Whistling arrow with flat bone point Norman
Teksin niru Whistling arrow with flat point Norman
Teksin yoro As above, but with bone point Norman
Tehe uihe beri Ibex horn bow Norman
Temgetu niru Signal arrow used by a commander Norman
Tiyelin Short, sharp-pointed arrow for hunting birds Norman
Tunken i kemun Round hole in the center of a target (tunken literally means "drum") Norman
Tunken lakiyara kemun Suspended target made of felt Norman
Tunken yoro Small bone-headed arrow used for target shooting Norman
Uhūma niru Hunting arrow with demilune head Norman
Uli bowstring Norman
Wehe selmin Pellet crossbow Norman
Wen Nock on an arrow Norman
Yaki Case for a quiver Norman
Yoro Arrow tipped with bone, horn, or wood Norman