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For years I put heart and soul into this site, writing articles in weekends and after office hours. Since 2016 I quit my day job to dedicate myself full-time to antique arms at www.mandarinmansion.com. Most of my more recent writing is done there now, but I haven't forgotten about the subject yet!

Big News! Debtelin 2 is out!

Themed "Manchu Archery", I acted as a guest editor for this publication.

Together with a team of over 20 translators we dug into the literature of Manchu archery, producing various translations to English which reveal Manchu archery as seen from the eyes of the culture itself.

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Debtelin 2.
Debtelin 2: Manchu Archery


Peter Dekker

Amsterdam, 16 February 2018.


For a complete overview of all articles in chronological order see the full list of publications.

History & general backgrounds:

Rise of the Manchus

Manchu archery

Bow evolution

Portrait of Youtun

1882 Jiangnan examination results

Last Manchu archer 1

Last Manchu Archer 2

Mongolian archery ban

Historical Manchu archery equipment:

The Manchu bow

Manchu arrows

Whistling arrows & whistle arrows


Qing Mosaic-patterned bows

Recreating a baogong

Bow cases & quivers

Historical draw weights

Manchu war arrows

Today's practice:


The tunken target

Using the thumbring

Bow care by Lukas Novotny

Starting Manchu archery

Early photographs and footage:

Manchu and Chinese archers

Mongolian archers

Tibetan archers

A bowyer's workshop in 1935

Republican period archery

Mongolian archery footage

Republican archery footage

Reference material:

Korean views of Manchu archery

Manchu bow glossary

Manchu - English terminology

Bow and arrow prices, 1802

Maker's marks

Young-Jip Museum