Manchu bow glossary

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By Peter Dekker, October 26, 2014

# English Manchu Möllendorf transliteration Chinese Pinyin transliteration
1 Bow core
(literally: "foetus")
giru 弓胎 gōngtāi
2 Bow knee
(literally: "brain")
bokson 弓腦 gōngnǎo
3 Bow ear igen 弓弰 gōngshāo
4 Horn uihe jiǎo
5 Sinew sube jīn
6 Birch bark alan 樺皮 huàpí
7 Bow handle jafakū 弓弝 gōngbà
8 The sides of the bow handle meiren 弓弝膀子 gōngbà pāngzi
9 Arrow passing point nisuri 箭溜子 jiànliūzi
10 Ear inserts soncoho 弰頭 shāotóu
11 Nock wen 扣子 kòuzi
12 Ear v-splice male part senggele* 弓弰插口 gōngshāo chākǒu āofú
13 Ear v-splice notch xukun 弓弰插口凹虙 gōngshāo chākǒu āofú
14 Horn slabs on either side of handle fara 弓眙兩身 gōngyí liǎng shēn
15 String bridges tebke 弓墊子 gōng diànzi
16 Bowstring uli 弓弦 gōng xián
17 String knots kuyerhen 弦拾搭 xián shídā

Chinese and Manchu terms from the 1766 五體清文鑑 or "Five languages compendium", a Qing imperial dictionary in Manchu, Mongolian, Uighur, Tibetan and Chinese.
Photo's taken by author, author's collection.

*Jerry Norman's Manchu-English dictionary translates this term as the opening of a bow case, but when seen with the original Chinese entries, this does not make much sense and it is more likely describing the male part of a v-splice.